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Through our Partnership with Inktomi, Submit Director is able to directly provide fast inclusion into the Inktomi Index which powers over 100 search engines including AOL, MSN, iWon and Hotbot.


Looking to improve your search engine ranking
and increase Web site traffic?

If you have tried to improve your search engine rankings and can't seem to get there, then Submit Director may be perfect for you.

Submit Director is the only service of it's kind; Submit Director walks you through the process helping you tune and submit your site with the goal of achieving solid search engine rankings.

Based on years of experience working with search engines, we provide a 4-step process to help you mold your site to rank highly within the search engines and directories. Submit Director will help you:

1. Analyze: Learn what the search engines see; identify your best content. Test Drive

2. Optimize: Learn how you can tune your content to help search engines find it easier.

3. Submit: Enter your finalized pages into search engine databases.

4. Monitor: See your submitting history and list your pages in the indexes.

Submit Director

  • Spiders your entire site, indexes your pages and gives "real site information" to evaluate your own site's content for optimizing. No hypothetical information; it's your own site information.
  • Teaches you what you can do and guides you through your optimization process
  • Submits your pages to all the major search engines.
  • Walks you through the process of Directory submission
  • Uses strict guidelines for submissions to avoid spamming the search engine.
  • Keeps you up to date with search engine strategies.

Additionally, through our partnership with Inktomi*, Submit Director is the only submission service to directly offer:

  • Fast inclusion into the Inktomi web database
  • 48 hour page refreshes by Inktomi
  • 12 month page inclusion within the Inktomi database

Is being indexed by Inktomi important? They power over 120 partners including AOL, iWon, MSN & HotBot.

We don't know of any service that does this AND does it for only $149.00 a year for Web Sites with less then 50 URL and $189.00 for Web Site with 50 to 100 URLs..
*Inktomi Inclusion Program additional.

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